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Quick Pics – Obed Tennessee – Rock Climbing

Here are a few quick  pics from this weekend’s rock climbing trip to Obed Tennessee.  The climbing was great, though the weather was a bit wet at night.  Overall it was a great trip, and I’d definitely head back if the opportunity ever presented itself.

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Climbing Roadtrip!

Hey there,

Just a quick FYI to let you all know that I’m heading out of town on another climbing trip to the dirty south. This trip’s destination is Tennessee’s Obed region for some sandstone cranking.

I’m really looking forward to it, and can actually admit to training a bit in preparation for it (shocking, I know). Anyway, as long as we all make it back alive and we don’t have a replay of last Thanksgiving’s road trip drama this should be pretty awesome.

To all my fellow Canadians, have a happy Thanksgiving and pass the pumpkin pie!