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Race time Approacheth

What to do…What to do….??

The initial plan was to run Grimsby in preparation for a killer run at the Around the Bay (for a short deluded moment or two, I was considering BQ pace) and roll that into another marathon PR in Ottawa.  After some initial setback I was falling into a nice rhythm with my training, getting strong and watching my pacing times drop….excellent, everything was going according to plan.  In reality I knew a sub 2:15hr ATB 30km was pushing it, but with my marathon a full 2 months after the race I thought it was a safe gamble, at the very least it would let me test my limits.

As you know by now, February didn’t go exactly as planned.  Now I find myself 17 days out from the ATB 30km trying to balance a desperate scramble to get my fitness base back, build some small semblance of speed, and at the same time NOT blow up and hurt myself…again.  I keep reminding myself that the ATB race is just a fun race, and the Ottawa Marathon is the real goal but moderation has never been my strong suit.

Well, race season has started in earnest here in the GTA.  Sure there have been lots of 5km’s, 8km’s so far but the ½ marathons have started to roll in, and for me that certainly gets the motivation flowing.  So far the spring season is nicely packaged but this leaves me with a couple conundrums:

What do I train for this summer?…which leads into…Choices

What should I race in the fall?

What to do…What to do….??

There is a small sadistic part of me that is curious about grabbing a 10hr/wk triathlon training program and giving it a whirl.  It’d give me a new challenge, plus a great fitness base for all kids of things, however running a kickass fall marathon might not be plausible with that kind of schedule.

Speaking of fall marathons, if I decide to stick with running long distance races I have a bit of a conflict brewing.  Specifically speaking, I’d like to Give New York or Chicago a try.  Traveling for a race is expensive, especially with the costs of these races, but either of them would be a great experience.  Unfortunately, both these races land on weekends where there’s another race I’d like to do.  1.) The Run For The Toad 50km (It’d be my first 50km, it’s local and I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun), and 2.)  The Hamilton Road to Hope (which is the hometown race).    To add more confusion to the mix, I may be able to run the Hamilton race for free based on charity pledges I’ve received in the past.  Not only do I miss the travel/accommodation costs, but I’d get my race entry free, AND a $100 gift certificate to the local running store.  Pretty swank… – Oct1st  $83 CDN – Oct.9th $170 US Road2Hope – Nov.6th $90 CDN (Or possibly FREE! plus $100 gift certificate if donation over $500) – Nov.6th $281US

I need to decide soon, as the New York Marathon lottery closes in early April, and I always trail better if I have a set goal or two.  So what’s it going to be?  50km and NYC?  Road2Hope and Chicago? Or go the cheaper/easier route and go 50km & Road2Hope?  I’d like to some different races this year, but which ones?

Any  Suggestions?